This is your shape. Is unique and belongs to you and only you. If you cannot see it or it changes every time you visit this post then you have some protection against browser fingerprinting[1].

Browser fingerprinting is used to collect information about the browser specifics (user-agent, fonts, language, screen resolution, canvas properties, etc.) to identify an specific individual or connection. What was used to create this shape, or fingerprint, was p5js to generate the visuals and a library employed by many called FingerprintJS. FingerprintJS will take all those browser properties and generate a unique MD5 hash that can be tied to your specific browser. This hash is the same on incognito/private and normal browser instances as the data collected about the browser is constant on both modes.

Why is this important? Because you should be able to surf the web anonymously and without being tracked by large corporations or marketing agencies that target specific ads or act differently depending on your online activity, preferences, sexuality, race, etc.

The creators of this library claim it can have a ~60% accuracy in the open source version. While this is true it can be avoided by:


Other ways to check your fingerprint: